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tooth implant

Do you need a tooth extracted or have space where a tooth has been removed? There are options available for filling the space. An implant may be the best choice for your situation.

Do you have a partial or denture that does not fit well? A dental implant may solve that problem for you.

Implant advantages:

  • Similar to a natural tooth
  • Adjacent teeth don’t have to be involved in the procedure as they would in a bridge
  • Implants may decrease or help prevent shrinkage of the jawbone following tooth loss.

There are several steps with an implant. The total treatment usually takes 3 to 6 months, that all depends on the person and the healing of the bone to the Implant.

The implant can be used for several different circumstances. If you have an implant placed for just one tooth, later on in life that one implant can be used to help support a partial or denture.

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