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dental x-ray on screen

Dental x-rays are necessary to ensure the good health of teeth and supporting structures. Dentists and patients were mutually concerned about radiation received when old-style x-rays were taken. In the past, there was always the issue of when to take x-rays and how many to take.

At St. Louis Hills Dental Group, we are have for years used digital x-rays which use substantially less radiation than the old-style traditional x-rays. The most recent studies from the Clinicians Report (the most respected research organization for dental procedures and equipment) have shown that digital x-rays no longer require the use of lead protective shields when patients are receiving x-rays. The studies show that a full set of x-rays on a patient exposes the patient to radiation equal to a medium length airline flight and only one fifth that of a chest x-ray.

We would be happy to show you the conclusions of the studies and discuss any concerns you have about x-rays. We continue to do everything we can a St. Louis Hills Dental to protect your overall health.

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