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electric toothbrush

Some patients who are using manual toothbrushes have excellent oral health. Far more frequently this is not the case. Switching patients to a power toothbrush makes an immediate and positive impact on their oral health.

Power toothbrushes have many times the brush strokes of a manual brush. Some power toothbrushes have more brush strokes in one minute than a manual brush has in one month. Power toothbrushes are so significantly superior there is no comparison.

Using a power brush with fluoridated toothpaste helps remove biofilm, stains, and helps decrease tooth decay. Power brushes can also improve the gingival health of patients who have gum disease. All benefits of the use of a power toothbrush.

The brush heads of power brushes need to be replaced just as you would replace a manual brush. When the bristles become visibly splayed it is time to replace the head. Heads come in several sizes. Larger sizes are generally better because they have more bristles. In some patients with small mouths or hard to reach areas small heads are better. Small headed brushes may take longer to remove the biofilm, but the brushes have timers to help make brushing more effective.

When we see our patients at St. Louis Hills Dental Group, we are always looking for ways to improve their oral health. The benefits of power toothbrushes cannot be denied.

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