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"Professional Ethics" written with fountain pen

At St. Louis Hills Dental Group we take the responsibility of the care of patients very seriously. We are members of the American Dental Association, the Missouri Dental Association and the Greater St. Louis Dental Society.

The Code of Ethics of the American Dental Association is a 21-page document that guides us through our decision making on all of the aspects of our patient treatment. We are very proud of our opportunity to provide the best care possible for our patients by following the information in the “code”.

A recent study by the American Dental Association (ADA) showed that 70 % of patients are more likely to choose an ADA member knowing that those dentists follow the “code”. The same study also showed that 75% of patients would choose a dentist knowing they were ADA members.

At St. Louis Hills Dental Group we have a hard copy of the “code” available if any of our patients would like to see it. One of the monthly articles in the ADA Journal is on the “code” and questions from ADA dentists who encounter unusual issues. We are always reviewing the “code” to make sure we are doing the best for our patients.

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