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Treating St. Louis, MO Teeth with Root Canals

For many of our patients in St. Louis, MO, getting a root canal is a thought coupled with fear and anxiety, mainly because of its reputation as an invasive and painful procedure. St. Louis Hills Dental Group’s endodontics team wants you to know that the opposite is the case. As a branch of endodontic practice, root canal therapy is a simple and common procedure, and it’s pretty much painless. Additionally, this treatment should be a cause for celebration since it saves your tooth or teeth. Our dental care specialists have performed a plethora of root canals on clients who expected the worst possible scenario. To the patients’ amazement, we consistently finish with them wondering why they felt so worried before.

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Reasons for Root Canal Therapy

Let’s start by saying that millions of patients undergo a root canal every year. The procedure is extremely common and lacks any major complications, in spite of what you might hear. The term “root canal” doesn’t actually refer to the procedure. It refers to the channels in your tooth that run between the upper section and the roots. Tooth pulp fills these canals, which can be susceptible to inflammation and infection. If an untreated infection progresses, you can develop an abscess near the roots that will kill the tooth. There’s are various causes for this condition, including deep tooth decay. The other most likely cause is when a tooth suffers damage that that exposes the tooth’s inside to infection.

What’s Involved in Root Canal Therapy

This therapy is a method of saving one or more teeth that have an infection in the root canal, where the tooth pulp is located, and this puts the tooth in danger. Our oral surgeon digs an opening around the tooth to access the infected area. The dental specialist then cleans the infected pulp out of the tooth, rids the space of foreign substances, and seals the opening from which they accessed the infection. Following the root canal therapy, the dentist ensures that the tooth doesn’t fracture by restoring it.

The Origin of the Painful Root Canal Stigma

Before dental care and technology evolved to include local anesthetics and effective numbing agents, root canals were a painful procedure. The truth is, root canals are the same level of pain as pulling a tooth or filling a cavity with anesthetics. Today, the actual root canal procedure is likely less painful than the pain from an infected root canal. St. Louis Hills Dental Group proudly offers dental care that emphasizes keeping our patients as comfortable as possible during any procedure. The use the latest technology and procedural methods, so you get the best results with less anxiety. If you have a toothache or need a regular checkup, give us a call today to schedule an appointment for quality care.

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