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Dr. John Andreas

Dr John Andreas D.D.S.

I know that going to see a dentist can sometimes be frightening for you. But when you choose me as your dental provider in St. Louis, MO, you can set your mind at ease. I’ll work hard to give you the best care that modern dental technology can provide. And I’ll do my best to calm your fears and anxieties as I get to know you as a friend.

Even though I have more than three decades of experience and am board certified in general dentistry, I still take continuing education classes. I work in a field where technology is expanding rapidly. These classes allow me to keep up on the latest developments, so I can give you the best possible care.

My Educational Background

Undergraduate: University of Missouri, Columbia; Chemistry | Dental School: University of Missouri, Kansas St. Louis

Continued Training

St. Louis County Health Department, Pediatric Dentistry | L.D. Pankey Institute for Advanced Dentistry | Mini Residency Program, Implant Dentistry | Coordinator for Dental Society Continuing Education Programs

In addition to my training and background, I continue learning about my practice by being a part of numerous dental study groups. My memberships include:

The American Dental Association | Missouri Dental Association | Greater St. Louis Dental Association

I believe that continuing education is essential to keep current with the rapidly changing materials and equipment available today.

Professionals Who Find Better Ways to Care

I find it exciting to meet with others in my field and discuss what we have discovered. When we work together, we develop more effective ways to keep you healthy. I find it an advantage to have so many dental specialists available on-site, and our patients enjoy staying in our office.

Hobbies and Interests

A couple of hobbies I enjoy outside of work are photography, woodworking, skiing, and cooking. I also enjoy helping my wife Suzanne raise our children, Lauren and Mark. My leadership in Boy Scouts™ is an additional hobby that I’m grateful for.

Serving My Community

Some of the ways that I give back to those around me include serving as a school board member, being an active chairman in fund-raisers for school charities, and volunteering for “Give Kids a Smile” and Habitat for Humanity. I also have been a trustee for my subdivision for years.

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