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A Devoted Staff That Keeps Our Business Running

Many dental offices in the St. Louis, Missouri area, struggle with the constant turnover of employees which disrupts and complicates the patient experience. At St. Louis Hills Dental Group, turnover is not a problem. You will feel comforted and reassured with our dental providers that have been together for many years with an average service time of more than 20 years.

Our Administrative Staff

staff photo


We have a team of dental professionals who are responsible for helping our patients manage the financial aspects of the dental care they need and want. This includes courtesy calls to dental insurance companies to determine coverage that is available. They also do most of the scheduling and make financial arrangements for our patients.

Nancy, Michele, Tina & Azra

Our Dental Assistants help provide the actual dental care for our patients. They assist the doctors and make sure patient needs are met. All of our assistants are also certified in expanded dental functions.

Mary Ann, Amanda & Linda

Our Dental Hygienists are the team members that provide the clinical cleaning and gum care for our patients. They are required to be registered by Missouri and are also required to take continuing education courses on a regular schedule.